Real BIM

Discover the true potential of the BIM

VIRCORE was created to exploit the possibilities of the BIM to the maximum. Managing all the information generated in a project in a unified manner and in one place and then linking it to the elements of the 3D models thereof is finally possible.

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Mesa de escritorio con herramientas sobre planos de un proyecto

The model as centre of the project

Everything is connected

Documentation, analysis, reports… All the information of the project is connected and centralised in the digital information models by way of practical bidirectional links.

Mesa de escritorio con herramientas sobre planos de un proyecto

And if I don’t have a model?

VIRCORE is an extremely powerful tool, even in projects that do not include a 3D model in which to centralise the information. You will be provided with multiple tools you can use to manage your projects quickly and simply.

Bidirectional document link

Document approval and supervision

Centralisation of documentation

Task planning and follow-up

Approval and supervision of costs


New dimensions

With VIRCORE you will be able to carry out a detailed control of the project’s resources and have access to the information you need for taking better decisions.

You will have control over the planning processes linked with the BIM model (4D), the costs (5D) and you will be able to fully manage the lifecycle of your asset (7D).

VIRCORE is a tool in constant development designed to meet special needs. Therefore, should you require a new module, we can design one for you.


A single platform

VIRCORE keeps all of your files in the cloud, meaning that all the information they contain will be synchronised in real time for every user.

You will always have access to the latest version of your documents and be able to review the changes log as well as access all your information from different devices.

All manner of documents

VIRCORE is compatible with every type of document, meaning that you will be able to store information in your preferred format:

3D models







Limited access

The roles system guarantees that nobody can access information that does not concern them, thereby ensure that sensitive information remains secure.

Backup copies

We know the information of your projects is vital, and that is why we use the most secure technology available to reduce risks to the maximum degree possible.

Copies stored in the cloud

Storage of physical copies in different geographical locations

Under your control

If you decide the time is right to continue with your project from another platform, no problem! You will be able to conveniently download all the information and documentation you might have generated in order to store it however you wish and move forward..

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Access all of your data from anywhere at any time.

Pantalla de ordenador usando Vircore con fondo en negro
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