A tool that makes it easy for you

Our goal is to make VIRCORE fit your job, not the other way around. That is why we have incorporated a multitude of specific functionalities, designed by engineers for engineers and adapted to specific activities.

Find out how VIRCORE can help you simplify your work so you can concentrate on what's really important:

Civil works and large constructions

Pantalla de ordenador usando Vircore con fondo en negro

Control is efficiency

We offer you full control of every detail of the work
Integration with all types of platforms and compatibility with other programs so that you can use the information as you see fit.

Automatic linking

Upload the documentation once
according to the codes defined in the BEP and it will be automatically linked to all other elements, allowing a correct and efficient management of the work.

Imagen de gestión de tareas en aplicación Vircore
Imagen de gestión de tareas en aplicación Vircore

Work as a team

The system for review, approval and modification of files according to roles allows you to keep your team synchronized and up to date.

And in addition

Detect interferences before starting work

Link all documentation to the 3D model in a smooth and simple way.

Access all documents linked to each 3D element

Generate health and safety reports automatically

Easily perform certifications based on the BIM model

Link tasks to 3D elements and sends notifications of pending tasks

Find out how VIRCORE has helped to successfully manage Phase I of the Bilbao Metropolitan southern bypass


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Control is safety

VIRCORE includes specific functionalities for the nuclear sector that allow to reduce time and costs by being able to know in detail all the data derived from the activities of nuclear power plants and industrial facilities.

Analyze, plan and execute action plans, maintenance, worker training, simulations, dismantling, waste management, etc.

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Traceability and safety

You will have a single, centralized repository for all project participants with a log of the origin of each report, document or data, which ensures the flow of information by guaranteeing accurate and updated data.

Access VIRCORE from anywhere with security thanks to an exhaustive control of data access based on user profiles, with backup for a safe operation of the platform at all times.

Radiological characterization

Keep an up-to-date radiological inventory thanks to automated and standardized workflows for uploading analysis results and reports. This allows laboratories and other participants to ensure the quality and accuracy of data by facilitating waste management, maintenance tasks, decommissioning, etc.

And in addition

Manage all components in real time to create a digital twin

Guarantee the physical safety of workers following ALARA criteria

Synchronize the BIM model with external sensors and databases

Perform process simulations and evaluate dismantling alternatives

Facilitates the transfer of knowledge and training of workers

Saves costs and time in the operation and maintenance phases

Find out how VIRCORE has helped to successfully manage the dismantling of the Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant

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Control is quality

Our goal is to facilitate teamwork. That is why one of VIRCORE's strengths is its very high compatibility. This allows the different work profiles to synchronize their computer tools with the platform without complications, centralizing the information and optimizing the workflow.

Savings and efficiency

Having all the information organized in one place allows for more efficient management of resources. That is why with VIRCORE you will optimize deadlines and make better decisions, saving costs and time during any phase of the project.

And once the work is finished you will be able to carry out a comfortable management of the maintenance, exploitation and after-sales service tasks by having all the documentation in an automatically ordered and indexed database.

Teléfono móvil con aplicación Vircore
Teléfono móvil con aplicación Vircore

Easy to use

VIRCORE is so simple and intuitive that all users will be able to feed the project with the generated documentation without any friction.

The platform even allows the integration of data from other software and databases with which each user is more familiar.

And in addition

Manage all your projects in one place

Keep full control of every project and every team with just one click

Control the quality of the work or renovation in real time

Simplify the management of maintenance tasks

Coordinate with simplicity all the work teams involved in the work

Save money and improve the efficiency of construction processes

Discover how VIRCORE can help you to successfully manage a work and the facilities it will provide for its subsequent exploitation


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Documentary management

3D visualization

Planning and 4D simulations

5D Certifications


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